Con Bravo… Bravo!

This past weekend, I did an appearance at Con Bravo at the Hamilton Convention Center. I had heard mixed reviews of the convention in previous years from other vendors, but this was my first year, and I had a blast! Two thumbs way, way up.

I also tried a new format for my booth this con, choosing to join up with Ira Nayman, Karen Dales, Catherine Fitzsimmons and Stephen B. Pearl for a big, beautiful coalition table. We all really enjoyed this format, as far as I can tell, and it was a really fun weekend hanging out with my author peeps. Big thanks to Ashley, Greg and Dan, our power customers and dedicated readers who came and swept the table! That’s the spirit, guys!

Overall, the feel of the con, and the general attitude of the people we met, was so great. I totally ran out of business cards, which, besides the obvious advantages, give me an opportunity to redesign! Yay, layout! Plus, I really appreciate how helpful the staff were. I left my phone at our booth overnight, then forgot my charge cable, and the people at registration totally had me covered. It’s great to see such a fun, growing fan event developing in the downtown Hamilton area. There really seemed to be a lot of buzz on the street about it when I was walking around.

Next up, Milton Pirate Festival, which should be a really interesting new experience.

In other news, over on the Pop Seagull Blog, we’re open to submissions! If you’ve got a short story or novel you think we might like, check out our guidelines. We’ve got a couple of anthologies in the works!


I’ve Been Everywhere!

That’s right, I’ve been all over the place these last couple of weeks! Two Fridays ago, with a little help from my friend, Stephen B. Pearl, I experienced my first Hamilton Art Crawl. Have you been yet? Yeah you. I’m talking to you. You’re missing out if you haven’t been.

There are some really amazing things on offer down on James Street on the first Friday of every month. Everything from balloon art to impromptu porch jams to gallery openings! And there’s food, and fashion, and impromptu drama and, and, and… I’m getting out of breath just typing it! Come and see for yourself, and bring the family.

Stephen and I parked ourselves out in front of the armory, and it was a great spot.

IMG_0285 IMG_0287 IMG_0289 IMG_0288

I also attended Superfan Comicon this weekend at Exhibition Place, and the crowds were a little thin, but the authors brought the party with us. Well, the authors, and the awesome Elvises (Elvii?). Thanks to Ira Nayman for complicating this pluralization permanently for me. 😛 Shoutouts to Midnight Elvis! Also, check out my awesome new signage in the background. We’ve got a new banner as well, featuring Pops Seagull, but he was a little late to the party and will have to wait for the next appearance.

IMG_0293 IMG_0297 IMG_0295 IMG_0294