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Spirits of Suburbia


We’ve all read tales of heroes and monsters in far-away lands… But what happens when the strangest monsters are the ones next door?

Rebekah and her family are coping with two issues: the first is her husband’s death in a car accident. The second is his surprising return as a zombie. Will the Neimans keep their new, more clumsy Dad, or will they choose to say goodbye to him a second time?

Zinnia has a weird skin problem that won’t go away. She longs for an answer to the itching and the teasing, but the truth about her skin condition, and its cure, are far beyond the scope of any human doctor.

Abby, a kind witch on the run, puts herself at risk of discovery by evil forces when she agrees to use her magic to help a desperate friend cleanse her bookstore of dark spirits. Will she be able to stay hidden, or will she be forced to confront her past?

From authors Jennifer Bickley, Elizabeth Hirst, Ira Nayman and Tecuma Macintyre come a collection of seven stories that will leave you wondering if you can ever really know your neighbours.


Flood Waters Rising


For Sithon Flood, trouble is literally flowing through his veins…

Heir to a blood condition that can help heal the sick and even raise the dead, Sithon finds himself trapped in a web of lies and manipulation at the hands of his stepfather, a tyrant who desires an undead army. Can Sithon escape Wardan’s evil schemes in time to save his parents’ lives and redeem his family name?

Featuring original cover illustration by Notorious, this action-packed space opera will take you to an exotic new world, filled with bold characters and species and surprises at every turn.

Monsters and Mist


Now, in one collection, are five original short stories by fantasy/horror author Elizabeth Hirst. From the excitement and swordplay of ‘Beyond Nemra’ to the unique and powerful worldbuilding of ‘Mr. Oon’, this book offers a glimpse into fantastic new worlds… and a few unusual looks at our own world, as well.


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