Bio and Credits


Elizabeth Hirst is a writer, scholar and 3D animation artist living in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Work History

Elizabeth’s first published story, Made of the Mist, first appeared in the November 2009 issue of Alien Skin magazine. Since then, she has been published in the Mystic Signals 3 anthology, worked as a creative writer in the online gaming industry for Hitgrab, Inc, and founded her own publishing company, Pop Seagull Publishing, which aims to produce high quality science fiction, fantasy and horror with a Canadian flair. She wrote and published two books under Pop Seagull, and edited a third. Her first history book, They Called Her Canada, a narrative account of the war diaries of WWI nursing sister Bessie Beyer, and is available from the Mayholme Foundation. Her psychological thriller, The Face in the Marsh, is forthcoming from Renaissance Press in 2019.

She has also been working as a 3D animator, modeler and texturer since 2013. For her work placement, she contributed models and textures to the Mapping Ararat Project. As part of her final year at Sheridan college, she produced a children’s film, World, from start to finish in Maya. World combines her love of literature and her firm belief in the power of imagination with her passion for creating simple but strong visuals and telling compelling stories through film. Most recently, she has worked as a layout artist for Huminah Huminah Animation in Hamilton, ON, on an internationally acclaimed children’s show.

Elizabeth is currently seeking an agent.


Elizabeth holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Brock University, where she specialized in Victorian pulp literature and contemporary fantasy studies. Her major research project focused on geography in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as seen through the lens of Postcolonialism, English indentity, and the boys’ school story. She is utterly fascinated with the ways in which fantastic literature mirrors our social and political moment, as well as the ways in which it can be used as an avenue for the expression of unconventional desires. She is also a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop, class of 2006, where she learned one-on-one with Robert J. Sawyer and Jeanne Cavelos.

She is also a graduate of Sheridan College’s world renowned Bachelor of Arts Animation program, which provided her with a deepened love of cinema, adaptation, and popular culture, in addition to a lot of really cool skills. She is still catching up on her sleep from this experience.

Hobbies and Interests

A lover of all things historical, Elizabeth enjoys period costumes, heritage sites and museums of any kind. She also loves architecture (Gothic revival is her favourite) and can often be found gawking at distressed old Victorian buildings. Dogs are some of her favourite people, and she spoils them accordingly. She loves all things Disney, and devours trivia and history about the Disney Parks, and her art hero, Mary Blair.


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