I Didn’t Write Blogs, But I Have Been Writing…

The new book is starting to take shape. It’s a sequel, but I have been meaning to post about the first one more anyway. Here is an excerpt of what I’ve been writing… first draft. You’ve been warned.

Aunt Very blew a loud breath out of her nose.

“There’s a war on, child,” she said, every contour of her body communicating her reluctance to share her experience with such things, “We’re fighting for our land, for our peace of mind, for our sanity. There are going to be casualties, and the bold ones are the first to go. Whoever said fortune favours the bold was full of shit. Fortune favours the prepared, the cutthroat and the very very skilled.”

Denny slapped her knee, sending water sloshing out of the glass in her other hand. The question had been nagging at her through all the interviews, and handshakes, and tapings and attention. She couldn’t ask it there (not in the script) but here? It was time to let it rip.

“And what part do I have in all that?”

Very’s face softened.

“A very special place. One that remains to be discovered. You’re an outlier, Denny. You don’t fit within the rules, and yet you’re part of the game nonetheless. That’s the most powerful position of all.”

Denny looked over at Peter, nursing his ice water, expecting him to spout some jargon about her unique gifts and experience, or selling her brand or some more of the nonsense that he used to pep her up before interviews. Instead, he tipped his glass in their direction, cocked his head, and said:

“I don’t know what you’re looking at me for, Dens. You just got the best answer you’re ever gonna get.”

… and there is my first excerpt from the new book. As true today as it was when I wrote it 24 hours ago.


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